Yllux Electricity Meter


Yllux Electricity Meter

Designer/artist: Jean Katambayi Mukendi

Year: 2012

Description: An artistic, non-functional prototype / mechanical sculpture of an electricity generator, made from cardboard, electric wires and batteries. The prototype speculates on the future of locally-produced electric meter consumer boxes that support ease of repair using found materials.

About the designer: ean Katambayi Mukendi trained as an electrician and today works as a designer in Lubumbashi, Congo, using recycled materials. He is interested in developing artistic prototypes for sustainable local electrical devices - electricity cut-off are a serious matter for Africa - made from found materials in the region. This is an attempt to challenge the current reality of imported devices that are irreparable and unsuitable to the Lubumbashi context.

Image credit: Yllux Electricity Meter, as seen at jeankatambayimukendi.aeroplastics.net