The Outreach Foundation Community Centre


The Outreach Foundation Community Centre

Designer/artist: Local Studio / Thomas Chapman

Year: 2015

Description: The community centre is one of the first new social infrastructure projects to be built in Hillbrow, inner city Johannesburg since the 1970’s. The building houses 3 primary functions: a computer centre on Ground Floor, a Dance Studio at 1st Floor and offices and meeting areas at 2nd floor. The building is in and of itself a small piece of urban design, and houses a vertical street (in the form of an open staircase) which leads users from a central courtyard up to the public roof garden.

About the designer: Thomas Chapman is a professional architect and urban designer and founder of Local Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa. He directs his efforts at inventing new directions for African architecture and urbanism through innovations in community participation, public space design and alternative construction methodologies, challenging the urban structures established as part of the separatist apartheid regime in South Africa.

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