Kade: Ule Mtoi Mrui


Kade: Ule Mtoi Mrui (video game)

Designer/artist: Salim Busuru

Year: 2014

Description: Kade: Ule Mtoi Mrui - translates to ‘Kade, the mischievous one’ in Sheng, a Swahili dialect. It is a 2D, side-scroller adventure game in a retro, pixelated art style developed for mobile and released on Android. The game is set in a rural Kenyan village and the hero is an adventurous boy, who plays games pestering the neighbour’s chickens.

About the designer: Avandu is an independent games and animation studio Avandu founded by siblings Salim Busuru and Evans Busuru along with Joseph Nzomo. They aim to design game worlds that contain the values, ideas and languages of Africa culture.

Image credit: Salim Busuru