In/formal Kiosk Culture


In/formal Kiosk Culture

Designer/artist: Yaw ‘DK’ Osseo-Asare

Year: 2009

Description: An experimental project that investigates the informal construction industry in Ghana — mobile or semi-legal kiosks and containers that support the sales of automobiles and electronics, fabricated furniture, building materials, dresses, hairstyles, food and mobile phone credits. Low cost variations of the kiosk are designed and offered as an alternative to the spaces of formal commerce.

About the designer: Yaw ‘DK’ Osseo-Asare is an architect and designer based across Ghana and USA with interests in kinetic architecture and network power. He is Principal and Co-Founder of Low Design Studio (LOWDO), a architecture studio aimed at developing lost cost, low energy solutions using open-source urbanism, informal and digital fabrication.

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