Ilima Primary School


Ilima Primary School

Designer/artist: Christian Benimana/MASS Design Group/African Wildlife Foundation

Year: 2015

Description: The Ilima Primary School is a community education center for integration with local wildlife. Built entirely with materials and labor sourced on site, the timber trusses, roof framing furniture, and architectural details were sawn, planed and crafted by hand from trees selected by conservationists.

About the designer: Christian Benimana is an architect based in Kigali, Rwanda, working for the non-profit design studio MASS. He is launching a local design education program ‘Africa Design Centre’ which he describes as the Bauhaus of Africa, to be built over the next 10 years in strategic locations throughout the continent. These centres are tasked with training a new generation of African architects, a workforce certain to be indispensable as Africa enters a period of unprecedented urban growth.

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