The Fundi-Walker – Junior


Designer/artist: Solomon King Benge

Year: 2012

Description: The Fundi-Walker Junior is a simple-structured four-legged walking mechanical animal. It employs basic principles such as levers, pivots and gears, and includes a direct current motor and a battery pack. This Robot is built by learners ages 6-8 years.

About the designer: Fundi Bots is a non-profit education initiative based in Uganda, which aims to teach very young African children the fundamental principles of computer programming, electronics engineering and mechanical engineering as an additional form of literacy to learning the basic alphabet. Fundi Bots under the direction of Solomon King Benge works with students from 6 years old - in and out of school - through school-based and public access programs. Fundi Bots uses recycled plastics and re-uses waste items for its components.

Image credit: Solomon King Benge