Designer/artist: Joseph and Charles Muchene

Year: 2013

Description: CladLight is the world's first smart jacket for motorcycle riders - a wearable gadget that ensures you're visible to other motorists while riding your bike day or night. The design, which has just finished its piloting phase, addresses the high road fatalities on motocycle taxis known as ‘boda bodas’. The bright LEDs on the back of the jacker clearly show the intention of the rider to turn left, right or to brake, as controlled by the rider.

About the designer: Alarmed by rising motorcycle accident rates, Brothers Joseph Muchene and Charles Muchene, a certified public accountant and an electrical and electronics engineer, initiated the e-textiles startup CladLight. Between 3,000-13,000 Kenyans die in traffic accidents each year, most of whom are pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists. The brothers attributed the vulnerability of boda boda riders to low visibility and determined that if they could increase boda boda visibility, then they might be able to reduce accidents.

Image credit: Cladlight, as seen at