Designer/artist: Sidy Ndao/ SenEcole

Year: 2015

Description: Launched under the banner ‘A robot kit for every African classroom’, the AZIBOt is an affordable, Arduino-based open-source, & 3D-printed complete Robot Kit for STEM education in Africa. It’s the ideal tool for introducing students to Robotics, Programming, and Engineering. This Robot kit is the first for the African community, is accompanied by easy-to-use graphical programming.

About the designer: Sidy Ndao is a Senegalese mechanical engineer based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research interests include amongst other areas Micro/Nanostructures fabrication and macro and NanoThermoMechanical systems. Ndao works to create opportunities for children in West Africa through yearly STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camps that have introduced students to robotics and, Ndao hopes, inspired them to dream.

Image credit: Robo AZIBOt, as seen at