AMP Spacecraft mobile workshop


AMP Spacecraft mobile workshop

Designer/artist: DK Osseo-Asare and Yasmin Abbas

Year: 2017

Description: AMP Spacecraft is an open-source architectural blueprint for small-scale, low-cost workspaces and toolkits to facilitate on-site fabrications. The workspaces include solar-powered electricity generation, water collection and water filtration. The solution was designed for craftsman working in the Agbogbloshie scrap yard in Accra, Ghana and uses locally available materials for its components.

About the designer: Architects DK Osseo-Asare and Yasmin Abbas are co-founders of the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP), a transnational youth-driven project to promote maker ecosystems in Africa, starting at Agbogbloshie. The platform supports the prototyping of tools and the formation of a digital-physical platform for recycling, making, sharing and trading.

Image credit: DK Osseo-Asare and Yasmin Abbas