Africa’s Legends


Africa's Legends

Designer/artist: Wesley Kirinya and Eyram Tawia

Year: 2013

Description: Africa’s Legends is an African superhero franchise in operation across video games, mobile apps and digital comics produced by Leti Arts. Africa’s Legends’ cast of characters include superheroes such as Ananse, a trickster in Ashanti folklore; Shaka, a Zulu Warrior; Shizo, an ex-policeman turned vigilante against corruption and more. This superhero universe offers an African counterpart to that of DC and Marvel Comics.

About the designer: Leti Arts Inc. is a games studio co-founded by Wesley Kirinya and Eyram Tawia producing interactive media products based on African history and folklore since, with operations across Ghana for art and design and Kenya for technology and coding. Their aim is to bring an authentic Africa to a worldwide audience, through meaningful games and digital comics.

Image credit: Lets Arts