June 2016: Oxford Round Table


Design Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa Round Table,
Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
21 June 2016

In June 2016, network partner Dr David Pratten (Oxford University, Social Anthropology of Africa) and Cher Potter (Project Principal Investigator) co-organised a Round Table discussion, hosted by Oxford University and the Pitt Rivers Museum.

The conversation brought together anthropologists and design experts to discuss the meeting points between design studies and ethnographic research methods, in relation to the Network’s research. Our ongoing aim is to establish typologies for emerging design that make intelligible the shift from pre-Industrial craft to post-Industrial design across many parts of Africa, and develop protocols for communicating and exhibiting this important shift.

Speakers: Dr Christopher Low (Curator, !Khwa ttu San Museum), Dr Adam Drazin (UCL Anthropology of Design), Dr Julie Archambault (Oxford University Anthropology and Museum Ethnography), Dr Paula Callus (Bournemouth University Computer Animation), Dr Ramon Sarro (Oxford University Social Anthropology of Africa), Dr Charles Gore (SOAS African Art).

Invited participants: Laura van Broekhoven (Director Pitt Rivers Museum), Jane Harris (LCF Research), Oriana Baddeley (UAL Research), and Jane Gibb (LCF Special Projects)

You can download the roundtable programme here.


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