Sept 2017: Nairobi Sessions Conference

Nairobi Sessions 2017: A conference about Digital Design and Local Storytelling

27th September 2017.
University of Nairobi School of Arts and Design.

Speakers include:
Jim ChuChu (KE), Selly Rabe Kane (SN), Wesley Kirinya (KE), Evans Busuru (KE), Carole Diop (SE), DK Osseo-Asare (GH)

Conference outline:
Design is a way to tell our human stories – as a product solution to an everyday problem, a garment that connects to our traditions, a familiar digital world created within a video game. If designers are recognised storytellers in the 21st century, whose stories are we telling and how are we telling them? Digitization has the potential to make Africans producers and exporters of indigenous stories and knowledge, rather than passive consumers of imported knowledge (Nigerian Data Librarian Olayinka C. Fatoki, 2005).

An line-up of boundary-breaking digital designers from Senegal, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya share the ways that they use local stories to create new types of heroes, preserve local mythologies, connect to local audiences and create new markets. For anyone interested in arts, design, technology and start-ups, this event will change the way you tell your story!

If you would like to attend the conference on the 27th September 2017, please register via eventbrite.

This event is supported by London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, London’s  Victoria and Albert Museum and the University of Nairobi.

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