March 2016: Innovation Lab, Kampala







Workshop Series, UNICEF Innovation Lab Kampala
11 March – 7 April 2016

Cher Potter was invited to translate the methods of the Design Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa research project into a 4-part workshop series for Critical Practice design students from Art Centre College of Design in California, held at UNICEF Innovation Lab Kampala, Uganda. Central to this was an exploration of field-based research and trends analysis in an African urban context. 


Cher Potter worked with a number of students throughout the week, each exploring their own provocations. Here are some examples:


Anjuli Sethi

“What environmental signals do farmers in rural Kampala use to make decisions and how do they share information with one another?”

“Can a designed device, like the Boda Bracket, add functionality to existing local objects?”


RJ Sakai

“In buying a handicraft souvenir, how does the tourist exert power over a network of workers?”

Amanda Jensen

“How can we recast the narrative of Design For Good and put power into the hands of community members who were encountering change and globalisation?”

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