June 2016: Design Futures Presentation in Dakar, Senegal

‘Innovation, Transformation and Sustainable Futures in Africa’ Conference
Dakar, Senegal
1 – 4 June 2016

Cher Potter was invited to deliver an in-progress presentation and analysis on the ‘Design Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa’ research activities at the conference ‘Innovation, Transformation and Sustainable Futures in Africa’, Dakar Senegal 1 – 4 June 2016. She presented a selection of post-industrial design objects that involve computer coding and digital fabrication, that were discussed and debated in relation to notions of innovation, transformation and sustainability. The objects shown were: a $10 robotic prototype developed by the African Robotics Network; a PC game ‘The Adventures of Nyangi’, developed by Leti Arts Nairobi, that translates ancient African stories into digital gaming environments; the ‘Cladlight’ wearable vest developed by Joseph and Charles Muchene that enhances motorist visibility in Nairobi.

This was a valuable opportunity to invite critique and feedback on the framing, methodology and preliminary results of the research.

This inaugural joint conference of the American Anthropological Association and African Studies Association, was hosted by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the West African Research Center (WARC).

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